Children's Educational Services, Inc.

Children's Educational Services, Inc.
A CES Owned & Operated School

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Welcome To The Broach School

Private Schools in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Florida

The Broach School is a private K-12, nonprofit special education school for children with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and autism with 4 locations in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Our private school educators are dedicated to our students, making learning fun and informative at the same time.

Philosophical Approach

We are committed to helping students develop their God-given strengths and potential. We love each child unconditionally, fostering good attitudes and rejecting poor behavior. Our approach to discipline is counseling, counseling, counseling, and encouraging students to respect their fellow students, parents, teachers, and other authorities.

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An Innovative School

The Broach School was started in 1973 to meet the ever-increasing need for quality personalized instruction. The School was founded to help students who were getting lost in overcrowded classrooms by giving each one the complete, personal attention of their teacher.

Today, The Broach School is continuing to reach new heights by helping students overcome learning disabilities and gain confidence in the classroom.

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